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I had sex with a girl on May 6th 2012 she had a baby on Feb 22 2013 am i the father? Get back to me its killing me!


There is a possibility of you being the father if you had unprotected sex and she did not have any other sexual partners around the time of conception. My suggestion to you is to get a dna test done. If you can not afford one she can have it done through your local welfare department for free. Trying getting a dna test as soon as you can because if it is your child you do not want to miss seeing them grow up. Try not to be rude or mean to her just say something like we are not married and I dont know if there was any other possible fathers so I would like to get a dna test and if I am the father then we can go from there. Remember if you are the father you are now going to have to deal with this women for the next 18 years so being civil and flexible will make it easier.