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I'm 13years old and want to lose weight. I don'twear breakfast in the mornings cause I feel I'm fat.. I eat lunch and dinner and inbetween meals I eat junk food. 

I want to lose at least 25 -30 pounds.. All girls in my school are slim with a nice figure and I feel left out

Someone help me. Please. 


Hi guest,

You're still growing and developing so your body CAN change considerably.

First, eat breakfast.  It helps boost your metabolism so you WILL lose weight, seriously. Maybe you won't snack as much either.

Cut out the junk food between meals.  Have a healthy snack.  Watch your breads (starches) including pizza.  Lean meats are fine as are vegetables.  Do you like salads?  Cut out the salad dressings, many are VERY high in calories.

Get outside and MOVE too, or join a sport.  That's a good way to drop some weight too.

Hope it helps.




If you are already trying to lose weight then you have to eat breakfast. Cut down on the junk food of course. Try drinking some water if you get really hungry or eat any fruits (except bananas) instead.

Also, it would be wise if you set an 5 hour interval between your meals. This will allow for your stomach to properly digest the food which will speed up your metabolism and make your a lot more healthier.

You can actually lose weight if you skip your dinner instead of your breakfast.

Do you play any sports?