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I am 24, and was diagnosed with varicocele 6 years back, when I was 18. It was not actually a diagnose, I had medical examination before getting recruited to army but was rejected because I had some soft mass in my left testicle .. stupid doctor didn't tell me that I should take it seriously or at least see a physician.

I didn't had any pain, so I continued to live with it.

During this time, I always had in mind that I will go to doctor and see that this is .. but never did, have been busy in my degree and was being lazy, again because of no pain.

Now, at 24 .. I had some pain and decided I should see the doctor .. pain was not that much, I was just thinking of knowing "soft mass" before getting married.

Now, doctor diagnosed this as grade III varicocele .. and suggested me to have some tests done, like ultrasound and semen analysis etc.

I'll ask many questions to the doctor before going through surgery, but I think its good to have some homework done and collect as much information as I can before talking to him about all this.

1) Doctor said I need surgery. No problem. But how blood will drain from my testicle after he cuts and ties off this problematic vein? Are there any extra veins to re-route blood?

2) Can this surgery cause any complication? If yes, what are they? What can happen at worst? Can I lose one testicle?

3) Is there any guarantee varicocle wont happen again, after surgery? I guess its possible. What if it happen? they cut-off another vein? :(

4) I have been ultra stupid to ignore it for 6 years, the years of my growth (please also tell me how long you have been living with it) .. Now, testis of my affected side is smaller than the other .. and must be producing less sperm and testosterone. I can see clear symptoms of low testosterone in myself.

- Facial hairs of 19-20 years old, low body hair.
- Loss of energy, both physical and mental.
- Low muscle mass. Hard to gain when I go gym.
- Loss of morning erections and less harder overall erection.
- Less sex desire.
etc etc.

Now the biggest concern of mine is: After I get varicocle repaired will my testis re-gain its size? (I am 24 now), Is there any medicine which can be used to make it grow? Or at least will it start producing its share of testosterone and sperm? Will I get my facial hairs, energy and libido back? What if I take some T through injection of gel temporarily, will it help? If it will, how long before I start seeing changes to appear? Especially the facial hairs and muscle thing?

5) Finally, is there any way to check health of my affected testis? Is it producing anything, if yes, how much? If its damaged, how much? etc.

I am really sorry such a wall of text. And I thank everyone in advance who reads this and try to contribute in the thread.

Looking for your valuable replies.



Hey any updates, I just posted something similar to you, sorry I don't have an answer but I know my buddy had his tied off and he seems fine, said it was no biggie and that blood finds its way around, what has happened to you since a year passed


Sorry no one answered this yet but with two people following this I'll answer. A varicocele can be harmless and nedd no treatment. Sometimes it can cause pain or raise the temperature inside the testicle and reduce the sperm numbers or health with excess heat from not circulating the blood as well as normal.
#1. yes there are many veins that drain blood circulation from each testicle and so there will be other veins to keep your blood circulation going. Drs. all know enough to not tie off all the veins or arteries and kill your testicles.
#2. Yes this repair surgery can cause complications such as painless or a little painful scarring inside the scrotum, pains and aches, lower sperm counts in some men, higher sperm counts in some men. If the circulation to a testicle is too damaged or stops that testicle can die or be damaged and make less or zero sperm and testosterone. A testicle can shrink or grow bigger due to more or less blood flow after the surgery. One healthy testicle can do the work of two if one is lost, dies, or stops working. The healthy testicle can grow larger to do the work of two testicles if needed. The dead or damaged testicle can shrink down or disappear completely over time.
#3. Yes a varicocele can happen again after surgery. it would be repaied the same way. If not enough veins remain to cut out swelled veins then you'd just have to live with the varicocele as long as it was not causing any major problems. If the testicle is too much of a problem or too damaged it can be cut off and removed and a fake testicle made of plastic or saline filled balls can be put in as cosmetic replacements that don't work.
#4. Low T levels might get better, stay the same or get lower after the surgery. It depends on how the testicle reacts and the health of both of the two testicles after surgery. one testicle can do all the work of two testicles and men have 2 to have a spare in case one testicle is lost or damaged hanging vulnerable in the scrotum. Just like all men have two hands, feet, eyes, ears, etc. Your masculine body features such as hairyness, beard, muscles, and similar depend on genetics, testosterone levels, exercise, health, and a number of different factors. You can have simple blood tests to test your testosterone levels and production and masturbate a semen sample into a cup to get tested to see how many and how healthy your sperm are.

Taking artificial testosterone can cause your own testicle producted T to drop, or stop permanently with enough time. Never take artificial testosteroen except under the supervision of a Dr. because artificial testosterone can permanently turn off, shrink, and kill your testicles if too much is taken for too long a time.
#5. You can have a testicular biopsy done to take a small sample fo your testicle tissue cut out of your scrotum and testicle from a small cut in the scrotum and testicle to be examined and tested to see if the testilce is alive, healthy, and making sperm or not.

The best way to measure the health of your testicles is to measure the sperm output and testosterone output of both testicles combined by blood tests for testosterone and semen analysis of masturbated sperm samples to see if they are working sufficiently for you. You can bank and freeze sperm for future use for making babies if losing your fertility and sperm is a risk and concern for you.

I hope this answers these questions for all men and boys reading this.