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OK, I need more your experiences, and I would like them to be positive :) Anyone tried a hypnotherapist for weight loss? Tell me about your experience, how did you fell than?

How did you feel after this whole procedure?

Is it scary or not? 

I know that this is not a magic, but I am sure that this process can help me lose my weight. I hope so. 

If you have something to share with me, please let me know. 

I am really into whole this process, but I repeat, I am scared that something actually can go wrong.



I had 20 when I tried a hypnotherapist for weight loss. I was a girl back then, and I was scared as well. And, you are right, this is not a magic that will help you lose your pounds at the moment. It is a pretty long process and you need to have patient. 

Hypnotherapist for weight loss just changed my life and my thinking about food, exercise and health. There were a days when some food was just disgusting to me. I just can't explain that feeling. 

I stopped with this because I was feeling that these thoughts were not mine, but I am still trying to keep up with healthy life.

Best wishes. 




Wow, yeah! I must be honest, I never was thinking at this way :/

I mean, hypnoses is when someone else controls your mind and telling you what is good and what is wrong. But, to be honest with you, if that going to change my way of life, my way of eating, I don’t mind too much.

It is ok totally :)

Maybe that is what I need, maybe I need to fell nauseous for certain foods. If that is only solution that can make me lose my pounds, bring it on :)

Still, I would like to try it.