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Does anyone know if it is common to be prescribed antibiotics following tonsillectomies or adenoidectomies? I am having both procedures done the day after tomorrow and I desperately don't want to be on antibiotics because I am on the pill and my pill pack says that could make me more fertile.

Is this common? Is it worth begging my doctor not to? Or is it something that is really beneficial to my health and recovery?



It's common to be on an antibiotic after any invasive procedure. It helps to prevent infection and is considered beneficial.

Make sure your doctor knows that you use birth control. They can then decide what your best options are.

Hope that helps and good luck.



I just had my tonsillectomy today and so far it isn't that bad! I was in considerable pain a few hours ago but it turns out that was because I was overdue for my pain medication! My mouth feels really big and I can drink/eat popsicles, jello, water, soup... that's pretty much it, but it means I'm not starving!

But I wanted to tell everyone out there that while everyone's situation was different, my doctor said I didn't have to go on antibiotics. Well, he originally wanted to put me on them but after I told him that they reduce the effectiveness of the birth control pill, he said he didn't have to give them. He said the only reason why he thought to give them was because they tend to prevent the super stinky breath you get once the scabs form. Besides, antibiotics can trigger yeast infections like thrush, which many tonsillectomy patients can get in their mouths.

Info/survival tips I've come across so far:
-keep a humidifier in your room
-you can ask about antibiotics and maybe weasel out of them if you're on the pill
-take your medication 30 minutes before you're due to reduce pain
-the operation (which included an adenoidectomy) was only one hour long, and I awoke soon after
-yes it is painful. yes I cried when I wasn't on my meds. but the anaesthesia is already pretty much worn off now and the pain is manageable.
-FORCE DOWN WATER to prevent dehydration. This will also get the anaesthesia out of your body faster, which creates mucus.
-my tongue is a little sore from the surgery where they put the bit in. No biggie, it heals.
-I already have almost no voice. Just baby yourself!

This is just day 1, but I will try to update as it progresses. Does anyone have any success stories (not necessarily about painless recoveries, haha I don't think those exist, but rather stories about the difference the tonsillectomy made long-term in their breathing, infections, allergies or whatever).

Good luck everyone!



Thanks for posting on your progress. It's good to hear everything went well with your surgery. I'm very proud of you for talking to your doctor and telling you didn't want the antibiotics. Yes, they do cause side effects.

I wish you a speedy recovery and thanks for passing along those tips.

All the best


Hi everyone,

So this is now day 3 of my tonsillectomy/adenoidectomy recovery process, and while the pain has gotten worse, it's still not as bad as I feared based on what I read on this site. The peak of my pain was last night/early morning, I barely got a wink of sleep and my whole throat burned so badly that I ran downstairs for an ice pack at 3am.

This morning I had a hard time swallowing my medication and was in a lot of pain but I realized the more water I drank, the better I felt. Seriously you need to drink TONS of water, it helps so much. I also started to get the painful earaches people have mentioned, and found that a heating pad realllly helped. Some people said that you need an ice pack to make your tonsil swelling go down and heat for your earache to stop, but I think the heat is nice for everything... the whole region is sore, so it's nice to have a big hot pad.

Here's one tip: since it hurts to swallow no matter what, I'd advise that every time you need to swallow just saliva, you should take a sip of water with it. This way you're getting in some fluids and not asking your throat to work overtime.

Today I ate my first real food! I had canned peaches which were really good (from Trader Joes)

Here's my list of food I've been able to eat:
chicken broth
trader joe's black bean soup (for much-needed protein)
poached eggs
mango popsicles (cool & fruity but not acidic so it is soothing)
trader joe's corn & roasted red pepper soup

I'm also gonna try cream of wheat, overcooked pad thai, and a banana smoothie.

So I thought my tongue had been cut along the ridge but then I realized today something very weird: in fact, it is cut because my tongue is swollen and the teeth are constantly pressing against it! So when I stick my tongue out it has a very bumpy edge, from all the teeth!

Most people notice an increase in pain around day 3 or 4, so my fingers are crossed that last night counted for that increase! I am doing alright now but I don't want it to get any worse. I'm sleep-deprived and hungry, but on the whole this isn't as bad as I thought it would be.

And, THANK GOD I haven't had any nausea from the pain meds. I think part of the reason for this may be that I am trying as hard as I can to eat plenty. If I wasn't eating so much, I would have less in my stomach and it would make me feel pretty gross.

Anyone else waking up gagging on mucus, though?? It doesn't last long but it's like I can't breathe through my uvula because it is all snotty!


Now I'm at the end of day 5, and I feel/hope that I'm on the other end of it finally. Yesterday was bad, but no more painful than day 3. Today was the worst, but I was finally able to cough up some of that mucus. Today I had truly excruciating earaches, and I lost track of how many times I went to microwave the hot patch. I could barely get anything down, even water, and hardly ate breakfast.

Then I ended up getting really nauseous, and sweaty. I feared the worst but realized I was probably sick because I haven't been drinking or eating anything other than medicine (Roxicet)!

And today I tried making a strawberry-banana smoothie but the strawberries were SO ACIDIC, I had no idea they just tore my mouth apart. Right now honestly my tongue hurts worse than my tonsils, because my tongue is so swollen it rubs against my teeth until it gets cut, mostly on the molars. I'm going to try sucking on ice cubes to reduce the swelling.

My mouth looks DISGUSTING, my uvula is hanging so low that I can't even see it any more, and there are huge scabs surrounded by red, but it doesn't look unlike any of the pictures I've seen.

Then there was a turning point!!

About an hour ago it was at its worst, and I was almost at the 6 hour mark to take my pain meds (always the toughest times of the day), and yet I knew I needed to eat something or I'd feel sick. I probably should have had something soft, but the idea of more soup made me feel even queasier. So I asked my brother to make me really, really overcooked pasta. I had it with only butter and a little salt (no sauce because the doctor said if you eat anything red and then throw up you cant tell if its blood or not, and no cheese because it causes phlegm). And tilted my mouth downward so that gravity would keep it from going down before I was done chewing it into practically baby food.

And I was a new woman! Seriously, it gave me plenty of energy even though I only had 5 bites or so, and my voice came back, and I took my pain meds and feel fine!

So I really hope I'm almost done with this. It's been a bumpy ride and I don't mind the pain but I just don't want it to be as bad as it was today... I've heard day 6 is often when things look up...


Nice to talk to someone from Boston! I used to live there. I am a big big fan of Trader Joe's bean soup and I'm glad you're able to get some of that down because it is delicious... Anyway! I'm glad you've been keeping us posted on how you're doing because it sounds like you have made truly an awesome and quick recovery and I hope that things are still going that way for you. Keep us posted on how you're doing and we'll be right on the sidelines, cheering you on :-)



Welcome to Hell.

Here's the scoop: in tonsillectomy hell, you feel fine one day and the next, you feel like someone has placed jackhammers in your ears and started drilling away...

I had horrible horrible nausea today, thought it was caused my by Roxicet so I called the hospital and asked to be put on something less nausea-causing. They advised liquid Tylenol pills, which I took, telling myself "any amount of pain is better than the constant fear that I'll throw up through my swollen throat."

Wow, I am starting to regret it. The pain is UNBEARABLE. I am in my own little private hell. I thought I could come up here and say "hey all, I have a story that's not so scary." And while I'm glad that I got them out because it's not like there's any going back on it, I was totally unprepared for the amount of pain. I am in too much pain to swallow anything at all, my stomach is growling like crazy, my ribs are starting to poke out and the only thing keeping me from curling into a ball and crying like my leg's been cut off is the fact that every time I do get out a muffled sob, it hurts even more.

I have an untouched jello cup and dish of applesauce beside me, which once seemed like "easy" foods to swallow.

This is hell. Hell. I now understand the meaning of pain. And the craziest part? This conversation with my doctor on the phone:

"Ok, it's pretty painful, when am I gonna start feeling like I'm at least on the other side of this."
"In two weeks. Some people say they felt better on a certain day, but the full recovery is 2 weeks."

And since I am now at the end of Day 6, that means I am not even half way done with this torture.

Forget waterboarding. Try giving terrorists tonsillectomies.


Aw, man, I'm so sorry to hear that your recovery is going worse now but do bear in mind that you're almost halfway there! I think that it's going to be a couple bad rough days for you but that you did this for the right reasons and you should be okay! Just keep us posted, let us know how you're doing, and kick back all the painkillers you can get down. Good luck to you!


Hey! How are you now!? My mouth looked the same day 5 was the worse I couldn't eat or drink and ended up going to hospital. They gave me some meds but I'm starting to get worse again. Did it get Better? Did you also have a horrible smell?


Do not listen to this woman. It's an abomination to try to 'weasel out' of antibiotics because you want to remain 'less fertile.' If you want to talk about bad news- the birth control pill is most likely the worst thing you're doing to your body. Further- your doctor would issue antibiotics for bad breath following surgery? That is misinformation straight up. You're either a troll or have a doctor from The University of Phoenix. My gosh. Use a condom and relax. I bet you'll survive a couple of weeks without getting laid lady. #FAKER #BS #TROLL



Oh my goodness! I am laughing and crying at your daily posts. When I read the 1st one about no pain, I though to myself, wow...wait until she gets to Day 5 and now I get to your "Welcome to Hell" post. I am seriously crying right now for you because I totally get it! I couldn't imagine if I didn't have a high tolerance for pain...YOWZA!!!