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Good day,

Since we all know that prism weight loss is out of business, I believe it is very, very hard to find anything about this diet program on the internet. Sometimes I think that this one is overpriced as well. Maybe I am wrong, but I am totally against that, when something is out of the market, literature is quite pricey. My opinion.

Now, my sister wants to have this workbooks but I know that it is very hard to find them. She doesn’t believe that those books are expensive.

What do you think?

Are prism weight loos workbooks expensive or not?

Please, let me know as soon as possible, it is very important to her! 


Hey there,

I have to disappoint you! It is very, very hard to find them. Maybe you can try to find them on the amazon, but I am not so sure will you be able to find it.

The other thing is that you are totally right – those workbooks are totally expensive. I don’t know why, probably because this diet is out of the business and it is too hard to find anything about it.

Maybe she should give up from this, it is going to be hard and she is going to be very nervous about it.

Whatever she decides, good luck :)



Hello there,

Yes, you are totally right. Those workbooks are totally expensive. I am not even sure that you can find them online as well :)

My friend Allison consider this diet as the best diet at the world :) Now, when this one was out of the business, she was totally desperate and she wanted to buy every book and workbook about it. She found some crazy collection and that was expensive like a hell :) I can’t remember how much, but I think that people are trying to earn some money on these stuffs :)

Good luck with the search :)