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Hello everyone,

Yesterday, we had some lecture about healthy lifestyle, clean food, diets, weight loss products, exercising programs, etc. Two ladies and one guy was there, talking us about some diet programs. When they finished, they told us that we can ask them about any diet program that we want.

Of course, I have most experience with diet programs, so I started to ask everything that I need to know, that I want to know. Now, I asked some things about Prism weight loss program, and one girl just looked at me, significantly and told me that this diet is out of business. Next question, please!

I was a little bit in shock, but OK. I didn’t know.

They gave us some literature about 101 different diet programs, and prism diet was not in it.

Do you know why? Why did prism weight loss program went out of business? Regards! 


Hello QueenReina,

My aunt was at the very similar lecture a few months ago. As far as I can remember, it was some award, some telephone survey, and she got this award. So, she and her husband went to some fancy dinner in some fancy hotel. They had some presentation, and they started to talk about some diet programs. Some lady was asking about Prism diet, and they told her exactly the same thing – that this weight loss program is out of business.

Now, she didn’t ask that lady about it. She asked her assistant. She told her that this diet was not so good in all those statistics about diet programs – at all. She didn’t told her much, just that company did not worked well.  

That is all I know.

Do you know more? 



Hey there,

Well, unfortunately we can always speculate why some diet program is out of business, when that one was good for us. This company is out of business as far as I know, they have closed their company after a long, long time ago (22 years of business, I think). So, I really don’t know why is that, I think that only the company knows the whole true. If you are looking for some materials, literature, flyers, brochures about prism weight loss program.  It was totally good and you still can follow it, without knowing why they closed this business.

Good luck!