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Good day all,

I am still looking for good diet program that can help me lose 30 kilograms. I mean, I am following one currently, but nothing happened. Maybe because I am changing diet programs all the time, I don’t know :/

So, since December, I really got fat and I am struggling so hard to lose my pounds. I don’t know what do to anymore, I am really depressed about it.

I have heard that Hebal magic is pretty good, but I don’t  know will it be able to help me, because I have heard that maybe won’t be suitable for me. So, can you tell me are there anyone who isn’t suitable for Herbal magic? Thank you! 



I really do know how you are feeling. I tried this diet program three years ago, and I have lost a lot of weight. I felt really good and what is most important, I was so healthy. Well, now you are wondering probably why did I quit this diet program. Because, they were too strict…and expensive as well. I also had one big problem after that – my weight stated to come back :/ I was not able to stop this! It is expensive and it works, but when you quit it, you will see how soon your weight is going to come back. And, that is bad.

About your question, this diet program is suitable for everyone, that is why is so expensive. You don’t have to be afraid. But, you need money to join.



Hi there all of you!

I have to agree with you guest. I know a lot of people who quitted this diet program, just because it was too strict and too expensive.

It is hard to follow it, but there are not that much about your question. Once you do all the analysis, you will be able to see are you suitable for this diet or not. I mean, to follow this or any other diet, that is strict, you should consult your doctor. That is pretty much that. If you want to follow it, just be careful – if you don’t have any money, just don’t start with it at all. You will gain your weight back – soon!