Hi there, I've been having some very strange symptoms. For about 5 months I've felt a pain in my spleen area, along with swollen lymph nodes; the pain got so bad that following a physical examination I was referred for an ultrasound which I am still waiting for (blood results came back normal)


Aside from this though I've had menstrual symptoms which make no sense. I've never been on the pill and my periods were like clockwork. It's now been 56 days since my last period :/ I've had cramping in the womb area for a couple of months, it's now very severe.

I've also had constant headaches, SEVERE insomnia (i haven't slept for 4 nights at all) and since this morning I've been trying not to vomit.


Please help me! Otherwise I'm a healthy 20 year old; I exercise, I don't smoke, or drink to excess or take drugs! I'm also definitely not pregnant.