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So the last 2 years me and my girlfriend have been completely dependant on the bc, and despite a dozen scares and wasted money on pregnancy test, no babies so far. about three, maybe four months ago my girlfriend missed a pill and almost immediately got a period, still no baby. Her doctor said she needed a stronger pill so she started takin that and around week three we started usin condoms cause she was was nervious being on the new pill. Then her pharmacy f'd up and gave her the old one so she went on that for a month, then the next month back to the new one. Her period was a day later on the new one the first time, now, being the second time she had to switch to this pill, its day three and no period. this month alone id say there were about two times we didnt use a condom, but i always pull out. And i deffinatley pee between ejaculations and all that, usually almost immediately after. Im just concerned because shes concerned, other then that i highly doubt shes pregnant. I just cant be that unlucky. Birth control ( a stronger one then the one that kept us babyless for 2 years) Condoms (with spermicidal lube, and i check them when we're done for holes cause im quite a paranoid guy, no holes) and when no condom i pull out (still with bc mind you) so my question is do you think thats possible for her to be pregnant? Even with all that? Or am i just that effin unlucky Oh and she is kinda stressed with schoolwork, and hasnt been gettin the best sleep this week even after she works three doubles in a row. AND she had mouth surgery and was on percs and antibiotics about a week and a half ago. I know that kinda stuff can factor in. And she was clearly pms ing with cramps and all that, but now she says she doesnt feel anything. Her breasts arent even tender like usual, this is what worries me. She said she felt it coming and it just didnt. getting pretty concerned. any help would be greatly appreciated.


Honestlyyou can't know for sure. Your best bet is to see a doctor.