Im a vegetarian trying to get flat abs and speed up my metabolism!
Tonight for dinner my choices are anything from angelicos (They have amazing veggie sandwiches. Should I trust them?)
Some frozen meals (I have gardein chick'n scallopini, morning star BBQ riblets, morning star chik'n enchilada, lightilife amaz'n Asian sesame chik'n, morningstar veggie burger, and Amys indian vegetable korma. All of these seem very healthy from the nutrition label, but I know not to always trust frozen meals. Are any of these good choices??? 
I also have eating right tomato basil soup and craft macaroni and cheese
Or I could try to make something! I have some tofu, lightilife smart ground veggie protein crumbles. I have lots of vegetables and fruit too. And a bunch of potatoes, whole wheat bread, a bunch of rice-not white rice, all kinds of dressings and spices, and a bunch of other stuff almost anybody has in their pantry/fridge.