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I'm 26 yrs and I'm pregnant for the first time. As broke the news to him, he was p*****f. He told me that I should get an abortion, but I refuse to get one. I went to the hospital two days ago and discovered more problems; I have a large ovary, they couldn't find the baby during my ultrasound, and there's a possibility I may have an ectopic pregnancy. I told him abortion is not a good decision, but he didn't care about it, all he care is getting rid of the child. I'm stressing out, crying, and tired of arguing about it. What should I do?


Hi Netta,

First, if it is an ectopic pregnancy you will need to abort or your life would be in danger.

But, if it is a healthy baby, it shouldn't just be "his" decision.  You are part of this and you both need to discuss it.  Are you married or in a long term relationship with "him?"  You can always do it on your own.

I'm sorry you're being put in this position.  If "he" wants to play he needs to know the risks of pregnancy occuring.  He doesn't sound like much of a man from what I'm reading.

Good luck.