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Can anyone tell me if you BG can be affected by warm weather?  It seems like when I am sweating and overheated, my blood glucose runs much higher than when I am cool.  Does the weather have anything to do with it.  I wonder if the blood gets concentrated when I am sweating and that is why my blood sugar runs higher.  It is maybe made up of more sugar that way.


I don't believe that blood glucose should be affected much just by warm weather.  You should be running the same BG as you would if you were in a room of normal temperature.  I would wonder if you were significantly dehydrated if your blood sugar may show an increase.  The blood would be more condensed so it may reflect a reading of a higher level.  You shouldn’t be allowing yourself to get dehydrated anyway, because your electrolytes will become out of balance and cause some severe effects on your body and your brain.  Try to keep hydrated when outdoors in the sun by drinking at least 8 oz. of fluid or more when sweating and/or overheated.  Gatorade would be best since it has the electrolytes that will replenish the ones you lose when sweating.  Water just dilutes your blood, compounding the problem with the loss of electrolytes. Warm weather shouldn’t be causing hyperglycemia, but you still need to be alert for changes in BG at any time.


Things that can cause a high blood sugar can be an infection in the body or taking steroids of some sort.  You will need to tell the attending physician of your diabetes if you are suffering from illness or being prescribed steroidal medication.  You need to be cautious when you are ill because this will more than likely affect your blood sugars.