About a year ago I had a bout of colitis, and a colonoscopy. I was 19 at the time so pretty young for such an invasive procedure. Anyway, I symptoms of colitis for weeks before getting into see a GI doc. During that time my stool was not at all solid, and it took a long time for my stools to regain their usual and regular shape and consistency.

This might sound strange, but I swear my anus shrunk after such a long time of not having to deal with regular sized stools, and ever since then I've had a hard time having to go to the bathroom. When I do the size of a normal stool tears at the anus, and I sometimes bleed from it. It comes and goes, and I've used penaten (a german miracle cream) and neosporin to try and heal the cuts. Like I said, comes and goes, but it's recently gotten pretty bad. I can feel the laceration and it's pretty long and very painful.

I take fiber supplements as a preventative measure for colitis, and I eat really healthy (I'm a health conscious vegetarian), and I'm thinking about trying a stool softener but I'd really like to clear this problem up for good. No more cuts, no more tearing, and no more painful bowel movements.

I really don't want to have to see a doctor for this. I don't need any more medical bills. Suggestions would be great.