I need a weightloss program for IBS anything healthy but not too much fruit or treating one self. I'll honestly thank you for the help. I've started writing on a paper on what I can eat and what I can't.

I can only eat little bits of food becuase I bloat easily, and if I bloat I feel fat and infuiriated with myself.

Ca't eat chips
Can't eat too much oily products
Not too muchfruit
Can't eat lots of rice, but some 1/2 cup brown rice is good for me.
Can't eat all bran
Can't eat girkens
Can't eat tamatoes (those where my favourite.)
Can't drink coca cola
Can't eat eggs
can't eat brocoly
can't eat farty foods

That is what I have so far.

If anyone can help me with a weightloss program, I have very sore lower back. I've thought of buying the trim and lift at GAME. I think it might help me lose some even if I don't love excersizing. But I'll honestly do anything, any types of food, any types of healthy drinking but not protein shakes, I'll even swim the ocean if I have to. My blood pressure is 110/60... I'm actually relieved that is what my blood pressure is.