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 My boyfriend or now ex is bi polar, and schrizpohrenic and has personality disorder yep probably all linked. However you get to know someone don't you? Inside and out. We'd been together about 8 months, I knew when he was having and episode I knew when he hadnt taken medicine. I knew it all, apart from the next part. He couldn't be with me anymore he said. Completely broke me, I fought for him and he came around. He promised me it was a mistake.


A few months later he got stressed and it happened again, I knew some sign because something was right. Again heartbroken.

The third time I was expecting it.

The four time also expecting it he promised me he wouldn't do it again. He's been all over the place lately. 

Last night he ended me again and everytime it feels real, but I'm trying not to hurt too much because from all these posts I've seen it is obviously part of the cycle. If you love your guy or girl like I do then stick by them. He's told me he's depressed and doesn't want a relationship.

Thing is I don't know whether to walk away and see if he comes back, or stand by him, cause what if he means it this time? He won't even talk to me barely. It's killing me.

Please any advice.

You can catch me on... 


I really love him and i know deep down he loves me i just cannot understand why hes blocking me out. 

It seems to be when he's over come with stress or episodes or something, so he pushes me out I always fight always and he always comes back. 


Forget the 'you can catch me on'