hi. I have 38 C breasts that rub together and against my stomach causing sweat. Under my breasts I have pimples and red patches. Between my breasts I have pimples and occasionally it itches REALLY badly, so when I scratch it i get temporary irritation and redness. My doctor gave me benzoyl peroxide for the pimples and Tretnoin as well and the two seem to be working well. For the red patches she said to keep the area dry and use corn starch. They got lighter but came back very bad yesterday along with an itch. I used tinactin for the patches and that worked well. I then kept it dry with cornstarch. For the itch I ended up giving in and that caused some nasty red marks so I put cortisone to ease the itch and redness. My breast area is a mess. I have red patches, slight pimples, and itchy areas and also irritation left behind from itching. It seems like a lot and I plan on visiting a dermatologist soon. Meanwhile do any of you know why the itchiness is there? Will the patches go away?