Hi, wonder if anyone could shed any light on this for me?
Last period 19/11, been reading online best times would be 29/11-04/12 which we did.
I'm not due on till 17/12 but have been feeling some strange things for the last 3-4 days, breasts feel very very tender, off my food, a horrid metal taste in my mouth and feeling tired at lunchtime.
It made me wonder if i could be pregnant, but this morning seen that i had started to bleed a little, i have a few very small tingly cramp like feelings but they come and go.
I usually have a 27-28 day cycle usually to the letter, i can even book my holidays by them XD so for me to bleed early is kind of strange.
Could anyone give me their thoughts on this, any advice would be great.
I'm not too worryed if i am pregnant, but after feeling all of this would be kind of dissappointed if i'm not.