This is my first pregnancy & I start bleeding on 12th week of pregnancy ,it was red & discharge of blood was heavy with a clot as well (I took it as abortion) ,but after having ultrasound the doctor told me that my baby is fine & heart beat is normal as well , she gave me injection ,some medicine , & some progesterone tablet that are taken through vagina , after 3 days of red bleeding ,the next 4rth day i haven't bled , but on 5th day i started again bleeding which is brown in color ,I m on bed rest but brown bleeding was continue , and i have to take pad, Still bleeding is continue & after 17 days i went to doctor for ultrasound ,after that he told me baby is good & heart beat is normal as well , it gives me some mental piece ,
but my gyne has told me to take that medicine upto one month & bed rest will continue.
Is that a normal case or if bed rest will continue then everything will be ok,baby is fine or not. I m suffering From this kind of mental question if anyone have any kind of sujjestion then pls request u to revert me as soon as possible