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Hi, this has been a problem of mine for about 2 years now and I don't know what to do. I get bumps, almost pimple-like on my head. I can even pop them sometimes, other times when I try, they bleed.  Sometimes they're small and dry, other times it hurts to even lay on my pillow in the wrong position. They usually start appearing when my hair gets long (I keep a short fauxhawk cut) and it's embarrassing and painful to even get a haircut so I'm at a loss here. A while ago, I went to the doctor and she recommended a shampoo called T-Gel and it seemed to get the job done for a bit but they either stay a while for about a week or come back...with a vengeance! Lately they've only been flaring up on the back of my head, near the upper neck. I get a few on the side/top of my head but usually they're only about one or 2 but I get multiple at a time when it's in the back of my head. I thought it was the way I used my shampoo (says on the label to keep on scalp for several minutes, i do) and I've even tried variations: One day I use, one day I don't, not leaving it on for long, cold instead of warm water, etc. Nothing seems to work, please help! I wanna get a haircut soon, without the Barber asking me why do I have bumps on my head. Thanks!


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