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I've had dandruff so long now 

I've used so many diffrent medical anti dandruff shampoo it may stop it for a day and then comes back the next. Before when i use to get a haircut like a fade in the sides i would see these white patches and it would be so embrassing and to prevent it happening after that before i would get my haircut i would wipe the parts of my hair that would be getting cut with a wet wipe and it would work at stopping the white patches appearing after the haircut.Sometimes dead skin would appear after the day after my haircut and i would have to scrub it and place vaseline or cocoa butter moisturiser on it for it to stop appearing.

Right now i haven't had a haircut in months because i dont want to go through those embrassing moments again walking around with a white patches and dead skin on my hair line and whats worse right now my dandruff has become even worse but you just dont see because i got a lot of hair and i can comb it out to prevent ppl seeing it from the top of my head. i look way too messy right now i dont want to get a haircut till all of this stops


I use to have severe dandruff issues myself. Tried the medicated stuff, over the counter stuff, and even home remedies. Nothing worked. Then when I joined the military I found it was just easier just taking a bar of soap in the shower and washing everything with just that bar of soap. At first I didn't really notice anything different but over say a few weeks my dandruff was gone. I use organic natural bar soaps. I have been out of the military for around 15 years and still only use bar soap for everything. Have not had a dandruff issue since.

Oh not sure if this matters or not, but I shower twice a day and wash everything every time I shower. I know several people only wash their hair every few days.