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HI,I had both of my feet done at the same time,and I'm going into my second month in recovery and I can not bend either of my big toes.Is this normal? My doctor seems to think so,but I dont know.please someone tell me this normal.


I think your toes are stiff if you had the bones fused to straighten the toes. Otherwise, if not, physical therapy will help to loosen the muscles in time.

Do you know of anyone having the trouble tht I have had?

I am post op 11 months minitghtrope of R bunion. Stress fracture occurred at time of surgery or shortly thereafter. It took 4 months for foot to "heal". Went back to work as nurse walking 9 hours a day. 1 month ago found out that stress fracture had never healed. Now off r foot for 2 more months with corrective surgery probable. Did not have luck with this procedure. Anchor "Buttons" have moved and can be felt thropugh skin. A real mess.