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Good day folks,

My sister is about to start following the rice diet solution. We were discussing about it for a while, and I told her all about it, everything that I was reading here on this site. It is pretty good and I think that this is a good decision. We were reading about it a little bit, and I found some interesting information, so I was wondering is it true?

Can you tell me if the rice diet solution is one of the oldest weight loss programs?

If it is, than definitely can work just fine :)

Tnx a lot!


Well, definitely it is. It is one of the oldest diet programs, because it was founded in 1939, I think. Yes, even since then, there was a diet program, and that is why a lot of people think that this one is the healthiest way to lose your pounds – it is really old an because that it is totally natural, no supplements. It is developed to treat obesity and other weight – related diseases. This diet works, but sometimes I think that calorie allowance is not enough for you.

But, answer on your question is totally positive :)

Good, old die program :)



Hi there,

Of course it is. It was a totally new information for me a while ago. I did some research about some diet programs that were appear in the history, and the rice diet solution was one of them :) It is actually pretty interesting when you find out that our grandparents were following some diet programs as well. This is one more reason why do I appreciate this diet program. I have to say that this one is awesome thing when you really don’t know what to do or what to follow.

Thank you for your information, keep up with good work! 



Hey there guys,

You are really amazing! Maybe it sounds weird to you, but I just love this information, it is really helpful for me! I don’t know why, maybe I just think like this, but I prefer to follow some diet program that has a long tradition than some new diet program :) So, this information is really, really helpful for me :)

I know some main principles of this diet program, so I really do believe that I could be able to follow it someday. And knowledge that this is one of the oldest diet programs is really, really encouraging :)



Hey there,

Yes, the true is that you can’t really made a mistake with one of the oldest diet programs, so the rice diet solution is somehow good idea. My mother has a really good experience with this diet program, I think that this is her lifestyle program, this is her way of eating and living. Recipes are really good, so I really think that it is easy to find them.

Basically, I want to say if you want to follow this diet program, feel free to do that.

I am sure that you will be happy with it! 

Kepp up with good work!