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im an 18 year old female and about 5 nights ago i was at a party with some friends. i stayed the night there and the next night me and my guy friend messed around a bit. We flirted and what not, then we started touching each other and then he fingered me. And i know for a fact that he didn't have any cum or Pre-cum on his fingers. (Oh and he didn't have a condom. We never use one.) Anyway, we tried having sexual intercourse but it hurt when he even tried putting his penis in. and the weird thing is that it didn't hurt when he had his fingers in there O.o Aaaanyway..he left his penis OUTSIDE my vagina but was rubbing against it and then finally he ejaculated. So my question is simple: Can i still get pregnant even if we didn't have sexual intercourse??? He still came around my vagina and on my anus though .-.


Yes you can get pregnant without sexual intercourse. His ejaculate was close to your vagina, and could have entered, particularly if you were wet. But timing is critical. It would have to be in your fertile days.