Hi all I feel really crazy asking this but here it goes. I am a 35 yr old female, i've been pregnant 6 times but miscarried 4 times. My first pregnancy was 1999 it was a miscarriage, 2nd pregnancy was 2000 and it resulted in my now 12 yr old beautiful daughter, 3rd pregnancy was 2001 and resulted in my now 11 yr old handsome young  man, 4th pregnancy was in 2004 I didn't even know I was pregnant, went in to have pre-op blood work and they called the next day and said I was pregnant, that was a miscarriage, 5th pregnancy was in 2010 misscarriage and my last one was 2012 also a miscarriage. Every miscarriage was passed normal except the last one I had to have a DNC. Since then (May of 2012) my fiance and I have been actively trying to conceive again. I got my period March 7th and it was regular and normal, I know when I ovulate so we made sure to have sex during my ovulation. Well Tuesday March 26th I started bleeding, it started out light but now two days later it has gotten heavy and clotting. I want so bad to think I could be pregnant and this could be implantation bleeding but with my luck it could also be my period. If it is why would it come on so early and it's not a normal period at all.