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saturday agust 11 me and my girlfriend had sex i couldnt get hard with the condomn on r first try we got some food next thing im hard annd we are were vergins so saturday was our first time she wanted to have sex but i didnt have any more condoms but she said just pull out before you ejaculate and i did every time i was about to cum but latley she says she has been feeling like passing out and is just tired but she goes to bed and sleeps 9 hours before we go to school could my girlfriend be preganant or am i just worrying


Does that mean you came... and then stuck it back in after like two hours?

Plus, not to mention the fact that pre-cum or Pre-Ejactulatory fluid still contain sperm... Also, sperm can live up to three days inside your partner... Pull out or not it is still unprotected sex... And yes your partner may still become pregnant... But that is not to say that she is... Next time please wear your raincoat... I suggest spermicided condoms for extra protection.