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Hi people. I need your help with this one.

I know there’s a lot of people here who have tried many, many different products so I am hoping you will be willing to share your experience with me when it comes to Abidexin weight loss pills.

Have you ever heard of them? Is there anyone here who have used them?

I would really like to hear everything you have to say since I am about to buy these pills. Actually my dad is buying weight loss pills for me, but I get to decide which ones.

So what do you think? Did I make the right choice?

Can these pills really help when it comes to weight loss?


I think you made the right choice. Although there are many different and probably more effective pills out there, these pills are both effective enough and cheap enough.

I hate when I hear that some pills are great and then I get impulsive and I overpay them. They usually turn out to be a complete failure.

You won’t hear people talk about some amazing results when it comes to these pills, but I think you can achieve some average results with a very affordable price (I think that the price for one bottle is about 50 dollars). And they will work just fine.



Which affordable price are we talking about? Fifty dollars for a bottle? Do you know for how much can one bottle last? It may last for only ten days. And then what? You could easily end up spending 150 dollars for these pills monthly.
I can’t tell you if they work since I have never used them, but I read some articles about it and they sound just like any other pills. No new ingredients or formulas. And I think we all know how effective all those weight loss pills are.
My suggestion to you girl- go exercise, go run, go swim.



Marcia is right. These pills sound very familiar. Nothing new has been added to the standard formula, they sound just like any other pills on the market. I am starting to think that all those pills are produced by the same company, and they just use different names for them to give us the illusion that we have many different choices.

I’ve never used these pills (and I am not planning to), but I know a guy that has been using them since May. I don’t see any difference regarding his weight, really. So I wouldn’t say they’re effective at all.