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Hi everybody

Have any of you ever used Zantamine pills?

I know this guy that has been using it for a long time now and he hasn't lost a pound. He went to the gym with me, he is very active. He didn't reduce the number of calories but he was hoping that with the same number of calories + these pills, he will manage to lose a couple of pounds. But he did not.

I fell really sorry for the guy every time I see how much he tries. Does anybody else have any experiences with these pills? Can they really help you to lose weight?


Hello Aidan1

I was using these pills and they didn’t work out for me either. So sorry about your friend.

These pills were recommended to me by a friend who was very satisfied with the results. She is my high-school best friend and she always had a couple of extra pounds. She never ate much, she was active, pilates twice a week, but she never succeeded to get rid of those few pounds that were bothering her. Not even later, when she started working.

She then started using these pills and finally lost 6 pounds. That is when I started using them. As I said, they did nothing for me.



My brother was using these pills for a while. He wasn't fat when he was younger (unlike the rest of our family :) ) but as he turned thirty he slowly started gaining pounds.

He wasn't even fat, just had a couple of extra pounds. But since almost everyone in my family has a weight problem, he totally freaked out, he started exercising every day, running, going to the gym, and he bought these pills. I think somebody at the gym recommended it to him.

After a while he started losing pounds pretty quickly. Now I don't know if the reason for losing weight was his new active lifestyle or it was the pills, but he managed to lose 15 pounds.



It was the same with this friend of mine. I just forgot to mention that.

I'm not sure that losing her pounds was the result of the pills. To me it seems more likely that it was the result of her hard work and exercising. She suddenly got this amazing will and she was totally committed to it.

I remember calling her to get a cup of coffee early in the morning and she was always like ''sorry, I have my pilates and after that I'm going for a run''.

She was using pills all that time, but I think she would lose the same weight without them.