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Hi I am a 15 year old male and I have tried to masgurbate for the last year or so. I don't really feel much pleasure to it and when I do feel pleasure it is when I spit on my hand and stroke the head. After 30 seconds or so I get a clear liquid that comes out. I feel that I am nervous and not confident because all my friends can do It. Sometimes I dry hump the corner of My bed (wooden corner) and it feels really good and I think I orgasm because the muscles in my penis contract and feel like they are opening and closing and sometimes sticky liquid comes out. I can't ever tell if it is cum because it goes into my pants but I know it's sticky and smells bad. After I do this I pee and sometimes sticky clearish white liquid comes out but just a tiny drop, am I sterile? Please help (:


Hi Guest,

You can't tell if you're sterile without a semen analysis.

I think you are ejaculating.  The clearish white sticky liquid that you see that "smells bad" is likely semen.  It can also be clear when you first start to ejaculate.

I don't believe you have a problem.  Some guys just can't ejaculate with the "traditional" up and down motion.  Don't worry.