I am 21 years old and have had recurring chest infections since I was a child. I was usually ill as a child and once at the age of about 7, I had a cough that lasted 14 months. My gp said at the time that my cough was just a habit. I started with proper chest infections at 13 and woke up in the morning coughing and trying to shift the mucus off my chest every morning and was told I sounded like an 'old man'! I was getting chest infections everytime I got a cold (which was about every 2 months) at varying degrees. Early last year, I went a whole month being ill, one week I had a throat infection, the next I had a chest infection and the next I had a water infection and the next I was recovering from an allergic reaction from the antibiotics! About 6 months ago, I had another chest infection and had an asthma attack, which made my parents send me to an asthma clinic. The nurse said I had had asthma since I was a young child (it said in her notes) and the fact that I had so many chest infections was to do with this and also the fact that I didn't receive medication when I got chest infections made it worse... I didn't go to my gp usually when I had a chest infection because he never gave me anything for them when I did go and made out that it was no big deal! I came to the conclusion years ago that I would have to just put up with having chest infections and get used to it, because of the lack of help. Although, until this past week I hadn't had a chest infection for 6 months which is when I started with an enhaler for my asthma. What I would like is some help to combat my chest infections... I didn't realise they were such a big deal until I found posts from this site regarding chest infections. ...I would also like to say that I am sorry I go on for so long... I am very chatty!
Thank you