hey guys ,

i hope some one can help me out I am going to see doctor soon please tell me what is happening to me . So basically I smoked for long time weed and also cig about 10-13 a day around . And one day out of no where I tried cocaine and when I smoked weed right after I been getting chest pain and also anxiety short breathing . Now it's not bad but still it happens . I been continue to party doing Molly many and I am not sure what is causing this pain . Firstly I quit smoking cig out of no where like 0 none at all only vaping but at the same time some time when I crave I smoke one . Can this problem be from quitting smoking or cocaine and usage of weed right after or is it mdma . I am really confused . The pain is not so sharp but it's bothering me like random shortness of breathing and chest pain and at times now armpit pain . Another thing I forgot to mention this did start after cocaine and weed I think but not sure. Because whenever I drink now I am fine I don't know why . Please help 

thank you