In December 2016, I ate some ice cream and in the afternoon, I got a sore throat and I started to take some amoxicillin my own. I took one capsule a day for 3 or 4 days and then stopped. I felt well but a few days later I had two ice creams and it again started and I took amoxicillin this time as well. I felt better but a few days later I ate some coconut with coconut water together. In the afternoon, I got a sore throat this time I saw a doctor who prescribed me some antibiotics (amoxicillin) it became better. but after a week or so whenever I drank cold water or eat some foods such as banana, mango, mango flaor in jelly, vanilla and many other things, it would start again pain in the throat usually at different parts. I met a doctor again and he prescribed penicilin. I became better a little but since then whenever I drink cold water or eat banana, coconut, chocolate, vanilla, mango and many other things my face becomes hot and I get sore throat and my face becomes a little swollen with water retention on cheeks. it never goes away what's wrong with me? I had CT scan, theroiyd test, blood test but all are fine. I have taken antihistamin (loratadine) and cefixium but none has ever worked. have recently taken amperazoule but no help. Can anyone help?