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Few months ago first time I experienced problems with hemmorrhoids.
It was very unpleasant period for me. It was bothering me a lot because none of the official remedies could help me. I had long lasting pain, irritation, troubles with sitting and walking. That’s why doctor suggested me an operation.
Operation was hard but successful.
That all happened 4 months ago and I didn’t have any symptoms ‘til now. Now I have even more blood and purulent discharge in my stool. My doctor said that
During operation, some bacterial infection occurred and complication called abscess perianalis. This is type of purulent inflammation, which takes hold of anus and structures around him. Does anybody know anything about this? What is the cure beside another operation and what more complications should I expect?


I’m retired nurse and was working on surgery for almost 25 years and I’ve seen almost everything.
You don’t have to worry that much at all. Complication you got is most severe complication of hemorrhoid surgery.
I know that there was no cure for it beside another operation but this is not “real” operation. It is opening of a wound and cleaning with some bactericide fluids.
There are much worse complications like perforation, peritonitis and Intestinal obstruction so you’ve been lucky. So, don’t worry and let your self in hands of good surgeon.
After appropriate treatment, you should be out of the hospital for week or less.