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I am trying to conceive and have had an abortion in Nov. Since my abortion I have problems such as an infection which was cause due to my abortion. I took antibiotics from my doctors but I still have not felt the same. I have a feeling that my infection has not gone away. I have a feeling that I will not be able to conceive again. At the moment I am taking Doxcycline, will this affect my chances of getting pregnant? Or should I not take the mediation, to improve my chances?



Hi, I well I think that you first go to your doctor and tell him your worries, then when you feel healthy in all the matters, you should try to take a baby.

I know what are you going through, because this march I lost a baby too. At first, I was desperate to have a baby, then I realized that I have to be more patience with this matter. Now, for about a year, trying to conceive 10 months, I am calm. I'm worried but with more patience.

Please, take care of yourself first then you should try. ;-)