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Hello, recently I noticed some bumps the back of my tongue. When I examined them myself they were whitish and able to be peeled off I believe. When I pushed my nail against the side of one of the bumps it felt almost like a scab. the top though is soft. There is about 6 bumps.
Some background information:
I'm only 15
Never had sex
I've had some hot stuff to eat/drink lately

While I'm at it, I have another concern having to do with the genitals, which also has to do with bumps.
So anyway, the bumps on my genitals are white at the tip. Before I thought it was some kind of acne so I try popping them by squishing. They didn't pop or ooze puss like a normal pimple would, instead a white solid material came out. Not a complete solid, more like playdo-ish..
These bumps have been a round for a pretty long time, and haven't gone away, instead increased in numbers.

Please, if there is any other information that could give me a more accurate answer, just say so.


bumps on tounge is probably from the hot foods, i get them all the time.

bumps on genitals may be from shaving or hair removal.

if they start to bother you, get them checked out, can't hurt..