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Lately I have been so confrontational while I have been drunk. I confront people over the most silly things and it usually ends up in a full blown fight. I'm OK when I'm sober (Which is very much) but once I've been drinking my mind just changes and I'm always in the mood to fight with people.

Take last night for example. One minute I was fine and I bought my Mother a huge bunch of flowers for her birthday, and then later on I dramatically confronted her and we ended up verbally fighting and telling each other what we really thought of each other. Today I am so ashamed that I haven't left my bedroom because of all the nasty things I said to her.

I have alcohol here, but just a small amound (A half a can of beer) left and I'm going to need more soon and I hate the thought of l;eaving the room to ask for money from her to get it. Especially after all the fighting I did with her last night. Even the neighbors were complaining about the shouting and roaring I was doing so even if she did give me the money I would still be ashamed to leave the house. Tonight I feel rotten, ashamed and like I'm about to go into alcohol withdrawal.

Does anyone else get confrontational with others while drunk?


Yeah ive suddenly started getting very arguementitive in drink. I dont seem to know to stop but then again Ive always been able to handle my drink n been ok no matter how much id consumed. But lately ive just been awful towards friends and now my boyfriend. I have no recollection of me being nasty its like one minute im ok n the next i just snap :/ im a nice person who would do anything for anyone n im shocked when i hear the nasty things ive said. i suppose its just a case of learning to drink less otherwise we'll end up losing friends and family if we carry on this way.