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Hello everyone,

can you actually lose weight with Dr Siegal's plan? Anyone here tried that famous cookie diet? How does it work? I really don't know how this diet actually works, so I would like you to tell me your experience, positive or negative?

Do you have any tips or rules that I need to follow?

Is it even possible to lose weight by eating cookies? That seems like a very delicious diet, and I really would like to try it.

Do I need to exercise? If I do, how many times a week?

Share your stories with me. Tell me is this diet really that effective?

Thank you!


Hello there,

Dr Siegal had a great vision about this diet, but I don't think that this diet is so effective as they say. I think it is not even that healthy. Maybe I am wrong.

Anyway, to follow this diet you MUST consult with an expert. In this diet, you need to follow a few steps to lose weight. You need to stick to a diet of 1000 to 1200 calories per day. According to doctor Siegal everyone loses weight following  his diet regime.

Honestly, I have never tried this diet. I know some people who are following this diet, but I don't see any progress on them. I am skeptical a little bit.

Keep in touch!



Hi, everything OK?

I have really negative experience with this cookie diet. I am diabetic and I didn't know that I need my doctor's approval for this diet. OMG, that was so painful! There were days when I just could not move from my bed. I had dizziness almost every day.  

It is my fault because I should consult with my doctor before this diet, and I did not. I have undermined my health. I feel much better now, two years after this cookie diet, but I don't trust cookie diet anymore.

It was a really unpleasant time for me.

Think twice!