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Everything ok?

I was wondering has anyone in here tried this famous Dr Siegals cookie diet? I have tried these cookies, and they are fine and delicious to me, but I must say that they are expensive :/

I mean, I think that no one has a lot of money to buy cookie for a weekly supply. Do you think so as well?

I am curious if this diet actually works? Did any of you guys have lost some pounds while doing Dr Siegals cookie diet?

What is your opinion – cookie or salad? :)

Let me know do you have some experience with it.

Take care!


Good evening darling,

if you ask me, I must agree that this is a lot of money for weekly supply of the cookies. I think you can buy a lot of groceries for that money and prepare food alone, in your house. I must say that I am still on the side of the salads than cookies, because I am not that big fan of cookies at all.

I have tried this Dr Siegals cookie diet, and I did not see some good results, to be honest. I don't know why. I was constantly hungry.

So, I think that you should avoid cookie diet :)



Hello girls,

I must say that I don't agree with you. It is a healthy life style. You should eat right and follow the good fitness program. I do follow Dr Siegals book, and I love it. It helped me turn my life into a healthy life style. I am happy and I have only positive things to say about this book.

If you don't want to follow this diet, OK. I respect that. But, I think that honestly, people should give a shot for some diet before going to pills or medicine.

I have lost some pounds following this diet.

I highly recommend it :)