A research team did a study to determine if there was more to tanning than just a feel good sensation and look good factor of the tan. They suggested that the ultraviolet light does not only make your tan look beautiful but that it could be provoking euphoric sensations by producing more endorphins in the brain.
Their previous studies showed the positive influence of the tanning on the mood and the latest study’s goal was to see if the regular tanners would go through withdrawal symptoms if the endorphins were blocked.
The study included 8 regular and another 8 irregular tanners who were administered a drug to block the effects of endorphins. The regular tanners who received an endorphin blocking agent showed a decline in the preference for UV tanning. Some of them even experienced nausea, nervousness and moodiness, which resemble the symptoms of mild opiate withdrawal. On the other hand, the irregular tanners showed no such withdrawal symptoms.

In the end, the researchers reported that behind the regular tanning could be lying mild opioids dependence and that such behavior is very similar to other addictive and risky behaviors.