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Hi, i was wondering if anal sex was safe to perform with my boyfriend and if there are any hazards to it. WIll it cause any problems for me?


It is safe as long as you remember these facts.

1. You must still use a condom. To prevent passing of sexual infections, and to prevent infecting his penis with the waste matter in your anus! he can get some nasty infections!! Even if you have "washed" yourself out beforehand. still wear one!!!

2. NEVER EVER EVER put the penis in the vagina after the anus, ALWAYS change condoms between penetrations to prevent anal bacteria being passed into your vagina. similarly, never suck his penis if it has been in your anus without a condom on. (wont taste nice I'd imagine)

3. Do not let semen leak out of the anus and drip down onto the vulva. it is technically possible to get pregnant this way (although incredibly rare)

4. Remember that unlike the vagina, which is resiliant and stretchy, too much fun will weaken the sphincter, and loosen it. You don't want any seepage!


First it is possible to get pregnant with anal sex. This is where lawyers come from.

Second, thousands of examples of great anal sex can be found on the Internet. Use these as primers.

Realize there is the possibility that anal sex can get "dirty." Best to have it in the evening - not in the morning when you may be getting ready to have a bowel movement.

Use plenty of good personal lubricant.

Many recommend condoms, but I have had anal sex with several women dozens of times and I've never gotten an infection not wearing a condom. Wash immediately after sex and urinate HARD if possible. This will wash out pathogens from the urethra. Obviously, do not go from the anus to the vagina or from the anus to the mouth without thoroughly washing the penis.

You might warm up your woman by teasing her with a thumb during rear-entry intercourse. If she likes that sensation, she will probably like anal intercourse.

Some feel that "turning a women on" to anal sex can lead her to become a wanton woman. There is some truth to that in my experience. But I like wanton women.

I have had women tell me that it was "better" than vaginal intercourse.

Anal intercourse is a unique and intimate experience that is different from anything else. I recommend it.


Good for you that you have been able to have anal sex a dozen times with several women without the use of a condom, with no consequences. We here at Steadyhealth strongly recommend the usage of a condom all the time.
Feel free to express yourself within reason but refrain from trying to distract our members. What works for you may not work for another and the consequences can be deadly.


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