I have been experiencing burning and pain in my throat and voice box for two and a half months now. Barium test showed that I have strong reflux, however acid-blockers have failed to relieve my symptoms. A scope showed no abnormalities in my esophagus and ENT had a look at my vocal chords and says they look fine. Although doctors say my lymph nodes are not swollen, I feel there are several painful ones and one area on my neck near the larynx is extrememly painful. I had a nasty cold with bad sore throat in the fall which lasted at least three weeks and wonder if this can be a remnant or post-viral effect. The constant pain and worry about this are starting to drive me crazy and I find that my doctor does not seem concerned at all. I am going to ask for a CT scan, I feel like I have to beg for it. I am trying alternative methods such as TCM and acupuncture but so far no major breakthrough.
Any suggestions ??? Thanks