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i had mine out on 7/10/2013 and i was so scared prior to the surgery i thought i would die, so anybody getting this procedure i just want to tell you it will be okay we will die when our time has come and that god is the one that has the final saying, dont stress about it to much. 

you will go in and they will start the fluids through iv. then they will take you into the surgery room were you will be put to sleep instantly in a matter of seconds. you will wake up with your family at your side in the recovery room. 

day 1 will be okay not much pain your are still drugged up and therefor your body wont feel much.

day 2-4 are the most important because its when you feel much of the pain and you have to drink alot of water even if it hurts because that will help you to heel faster so wake up every 2 hours during your sleep to drink water. eat what you can applesauce work great for me together with ice pops and iced water. dont push it to much on the eating just whatever you can handle, but the water is a must. 

day 5-8 you will have some pain and your throat may feel itchy that will be from the yellow looking scabs at the back of your throat dont mess with them they will fall on their own when they are ready. these days you still need a lot of fluids water worked best for me you can try gatorade, or some protein shakes as your body stars to need food but you maybe very limited on how much food you can handle. 


day 9 you start to see the end finally and will still have very little to no pain, you will have some discomfort as the scabs are falling of so make sure not to rip them off with any food or while brushing your teeth. 

day 10-14 i was able to eat some normal food again i had that bad taste in my mouth still but seems to be with certain foods so i recomend to eat food that you dont get that bad taste as much at least during the first few days when you start to eat food again. 


dont give up halfway through i was like it should have just left my tonsils i hate being like this but now i can say that i was well worth it and that i no longer have tonsil stones and i dont feel like i cant breath or that i have something at the back of my throat that feels like a piece of popcorn bothering me. 

im a 24 year old male and i can say this was a complicated recovery but it was well worth it. it was not easy as no surgery is easy so keep that in mind and get as  much rest as you can. 

i hope this has helped as i wrote this to answer questions i had when i was going thru this. 


Thank you, this advice really helped me.



im glad it has helped when will you have your surgery?