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First of all I would like to remind everyone that the number ONE use of isagenix cleanse is to do what it says CLEANSE!

Today unlike our ancestors, the environment is so toxic that our body's cannot keep up and relieve toxins like it use too. The benefits of cleansing will be too lose weight some don't lose as much weight and some who are under nourished will actually gain weight WHY?

It works to remove impurities while enriching your cells with nutrients. Think about it. We change the oils in our cars and trucks so they don't breakdowm We change our filters in our heating systems and air conditioners to keep them running properly We brush our teeth to prevent decay We understand the importance in prevention and protecting our investments but yet we ignore our most important asset. Our Body Cleansing provides us with the nutrition minerals to get rid of the junk and remove the impurities from the body. Performing Isagenix Cleanse Days—a combination of intermittent fasting with herbs and vitamins that support detoxification

  Like any diet, After you go off you will gain weight if your not careful with calories.

Don't blame the system if your the type that  thinks dieting is a miracle cure that you do and then can go back to pigging out or stop exercising..your wrong! Whether you do the Paleo, Isagenix. Atkins, weight watchers, jenny craig etc..... you can succeed and fail in all of them! Isagenix works and the products are great!




Well said.  I love the products too!