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Okay if you're going to read this be ready to read alot. Sorry for the long story!

GAD is becoming more of a nuisance every day...even more at night. That's because i normally have panic attacks at night and thus i am deprived of sleep. The total amount of hours of sleep i've gotten the past 3 days is roughly 8. 2 hours one day, i think 1 hour this one night but i don't recall ever falling asleep, and a 5 hours of sleep. however, i'm getting less and less sleep as the week progressess. I get worried over silly things like "what if a nuke bomb exploded near my house" kind of things. Once i think that i go straight to the computer, look up nukes, and freak out over what they can do. Then i investigate further (even though i didn't want to, but curiousity pushed me; curiousity killed the cat, now it may kill me too, cause its starting to make me consider suicide) I try not to think of nukes and i counter this fear by looking up the odds of it happening, but even if the odds were 1 - 100,000,000 i still get freaked out. I don't see how this is a fear i can get over. Unless i occupy my mind i'm worrying about it every second. And whenever i do a normal, daily thing, like get in the car to go the walmart with my mom, i think of the worst case scenario for a disaster pertaining to the event, such as a car crash. When climbing a mountain "what if i fall off the face of the rock and help doesn't arrive in time?"

I had a terrible panic attack which occured when i was sitting at a park watching my little sister play. all i did was think "i hope i don't have a panic attack here, especially since the day is so nice and i'd like to enjoy it." thirty minutes later and i'm at the ER.

I seriously need some tips on how to conquer or at least counter my fears. I have little control over it; once afraid always afraid, as in afraid 24/7.


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I just answered another post of yours so I will be brief here. CBT and the TEA form exercise will help you learn to counter your fears and go from being a worrier to a warrior :-D Join a CBT group or read the book by sam obitz and start doing the TEA form thought countering exercise in it and you will feel better.