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I would like to post a question. My mum was on diets forever. Mostly she was on herbal diet teas but usually nothing helped. She lost after two weeks of struggle perhaps 4 pounds and after stopped drinking diet teas gained all weight or more back. … And she still wants to drink that awful diet teas!!! How can I persuade her that is not the way to loose weight?


Hey there,
You can not persuade her …in her mind it works, so let her drink those diet teas. They actually can help, but she must know she will loose little weight only by drinking teas… exercise and sweating is the most important :-)
Herbal diet teas fall into two groups. The first group are teas containing stimulants -teas like green tea, guarana … Those stimulants cause fat to burn faster and suppress our hunger. Side effects as headaches, nervousness are common.
The second group is known as acting diuretic to promote the loss of large amounts of body liquid. This group of diet teas may cause some severe side- effect- because of loss of body liquid, those teas may lower the level of important minerals in body. If this happens with potassium it may cause serious health problems. So … I a person is aware of the situation and possible consequence, I actually don’t see much damage in drinking diet teas …