I'm 17 years old, ill be 18 on june 1st. Ever since elementary school I've had problems swallowing. For all these years now I've felt something in my throat! Its so annoying!! I've been to the doctors and no help. I have yellow dots on the back of my throat. My tonsil don't seem big. All though one is bigger than the other. It hasn't worsened. It just hasn't changed.. I really wish I had to solution to this. I have no problems eating/drinking/breathing its just swallowing saliva i guess.. Its near my adams apple. Also my wisdom teeth are coming in, well just the top ones the bottom ones still have quite a bit of gum over them. PLEASE PLEASE HELP ME. Please! Ill do anything to fix this issue. Also there's no white dots anywhere in my mouth, but I do have holes on each sides of the throat. Everytime I go to doctor they say my throats a little red? Please get back toe as soon as possible. Thanks :(