I'm five months pregnant and yesterday night my husband hit me ! I was taken aback !! How could he ? I love him so so much and does this to his pregnant wife. I don't know what to do ! I'm in government job and paying off his loans from last three years i.e from the time we got married , I earn equal to him and sometimes even more, every month he asks me for more than half of my salary, and he uses his salary in paying off loans and rest he gives to his mother! I don't give a penny to my family from my income ! His family has insulted and humiliated me in ways nobody can imagine ! My MIL has kept all my jewellery and does not gives me even when I ask, even if she gives ,she tells me give it back to her by the evening, they have said bad things to their side of the family. I just can't stand them and I've always felt that my husband is under his family's influence, if I talk to him on this matter he again for some random reason gets into a argument with me and blames me for everything that has ever happened! He threatens me that he'll kill himself ! What do I do? I can't talk to my parents coz they are already worried about me and the things that have happened between me and my husband's and his family .