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Hello everyone.

My mom wants to start using apple cider vinegar. She has really a lot of belly fat and she always feels tired and exhausted. Some neighbor told her that she must find some product to detoxify her body and she will feel better then. I think the old Harry (neighbor) is right. When you have too many toxins in your body you don’t have energy and you are tired all the time.

I need a healthy natural product for my mom so I think that apple cider vinegar is the right choice.

I know this product is good for detoxifying but I don’t know will my mom be able to lose her belly fat with it. Please share your experiences.


Hi there Mad_Hatter.

I am glad that I can share my experience and help someone to feel better like I do.

Apple cider vinegar is one of the best choices I have ever made. I love it. Buy it for your mom (try to find organic one) and you’ll see that she’ll feel better very soon. I also had problems with constant fatigue but now I’m livelier than ever.

Answer to your second question is also positive. YES, your mom will start losing her belly fat when she starts drinking this product. Tell her to drink it 15 minutes before every meal diluted in a glass of water and she will quickly start dancing and singing across the house. :D



Thank you a lot Regina_Phalange. You really made me enthusiastic about the whole thing. I will go to the market first thing tomorrow and I will buy a bottle of apple cider vinegar. I really hope that it will work for my mom as well as it did for you.

I’ve also read that drinking this product can help you out with the bad digesting, so that’s another great thing because mom has problems with acid reflux. I think she will adore it.

I forgot to ask how are you supposed to drink it but you wrote that too. I will explain it to my mom. Thank you again.