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I am doing a daily exercise for about 30 mins for my target fatty parts and I did not sweat from it. is it effective even without sweating? though I felt tired after performing.


Hello DeiLie,

Gee, you mean you exercise for 30 minutes and don't sweat?  Wow.  I sweat even with just walking even if it's cold out.  Well whether you sweat or not you are contrracting skeletal muscle so that burns calories.  First you will burn sugar and when you run out of that you will burn fat.  If you run out of fat, you will burn protein (don't do that) cause that causes muscle wasting.  You might consider doing a little more vigorous exercise because that will help you burn more fat.  Or, you could exercise for a longer period of time.  But, at any rate, as long as you are exercising you should be burning fat.