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Hi!I would like to start lifting weights.Only problem is that, my family is very short and its cause they are from mexico.Im 4-6 - 4-8 i was wondering if its okay to start lifting,My dad is like 5-4 - 5-6 and my mom is 5-1.So i get kinda scared with the whole stunt your growth thing.Is it okay for me to start lifting like around 10lbs dumbells.


hey bro, im 17, and believe me, when i started working out about 3 years ago, i wanted to know the same things
only prob was that no one would give me a well educated answer to that question
its really all just old wives tales that weightlifting stunts your growth
of course, in some ways it is true, but only to a very small extent.
heres how it works: the bones in your spine grow as you do, and they are pretty fragile, and subject to compression.
but fragile is a comparative verb, meaning that its fragile if you start exerting forces of over 250 ish pounds of weight on them.
so bud, not to worry about the 10lbers theyll be nothing be scared of
and in about a month, youll be at like 20's or 25's for sure if you work at it
but just be sure that if you start going heavy,to make sure that you are doing the same for the rest of your body
NEVER only build just one muscle, because after a while, your muscles will become inbalanced and cause serious damage to the rest of your body
also, set a goal for yourself, on what you want to build (mass, strength, or tone) and construct a workout plan geared to accomplish your goals
a really REALLY starter is the book '101 workouts' by muscle and fitness magazine
this book has every thing from beginner warmups, to the most advanced weightlifting techniques, and itll help you decide what it is that you really want to gain, and itll tell you step by step how to get there
so basicaly, back to what you asked, NO, itll not stunt your growth, as long as you dont push your body past its limits